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    Has happened to my sister's mini at least three times i the last few years. The council should pay for all these new tyres!

    By Magpi23 at 21:44 on 14/04/12

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    Recently I had to replace a 1yr old tyre, destroyed by a nasty pothole I didn't see coming on Harehatch Lane.
    My family members have had similar experiences, South Bucks roads are a disgrace.

    By balecam at 16:34 on 14/04/12

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    I agree, there are a number of dodgy patches around our area. On my way from Odds farm up to the Jolly woodman, I almost came off my bike 2 weeks ago because there are deep ridges in the tarmac. It really could be fatal for someone.

    By ClaireMitch at 12:06 on 01/04/12

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    The state of the A355 is just disgraceful considering the thousands of vehicles that must use it every day. Surely all these pot holes could so serious damage to people's cars?

    Any hope that it could be resurfaced any time soon?

    By Greengaia at 16:15 on 31/03/12

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