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By ClaireMitch | Wednesday, March 07, 2012, 13:44

This is a call to the people of Beaconsfield

We want to know what you think of Beaconsfield – what's best about Beaconsfield?; what's worst?; what do you think of the shops, schools, public transport and parking? What would improve the town?   

Please follow this link to our polls page where you will be able to cast your votes. This is an opportunity for the people of Beaconsfield to highlight what makes it special and to contribute towards improving our town. 

To get the ball rolling I have already started to make a few enquiries. 

I began with Frank Armstrong, a key figure in the Beaconsfield community and a representative of the British Legion, BOTRA, Lions Club and the Beaconsfield Community Committee.  

Mr Armstrong stated he felt one of the best things about Beaconsfield was the shopping centre in the new town as, "it has a good selection of shops". 

When asked about the worst he cited the lack of open spaces such as a recreation park where children can play and people can walk. 

Another problem he cited was that, "with a population of 10,000 plus there is relatively very little involvement from the community", that with the members of the numerous committees continually dwindling it was difficult to get "people power". His wish for Beaconsfield would be for more people in the community "to give a few hours per week or month or year of their time to it." 

To get the point of view of a business in the New Town I spoke to staff at the David Shuttle Fine Dining & Gifts. The main complaint was the lack of parking, that many of the commuters who take the train to London park on the side roads leaving not only little space to park but also to manoeuvre, that this was affecting businesses. The "choice of shops" was considered the best part.  

For an Old Town perspective I spoke to John Phillips who is the retail manager of the Beaconsfield Wine Cellars. As regards the best about Beaconsfield he stated, "the architecture, atmosphere, people and ambience" and that "it is a super town" and he considers it "a privilege to work here."

As for the worst (it seems a them is developing) he cited "the parking which is a nightmare". He stated the problem is that the Old Town is burdened with the parking needs of "a load of offices" whose staff park in the road as they often leave their own allocated parking areas free for visitors. He goes on to say this results in parking spaces being taken for the whole working day. He also complained that train commuters use these spaces. The result is that customers often complain they have nowhere to park. He estimates the cost to his business is in the region of £100,000 per year. The measures he suggested to resolve this are not the building of more car parking areas but instead restrictions such as '2 hours no return' or as in Amersham no parking between 11am and 12pm.

Thank you to Mr Armstrong, David Shuttle Fine Dining & Gifts and Mr Phillips of Beaconsfield Wine Cellars for their points of view.

We need to know what you think. Do you agree with what has been said? What has been missed?

Beaconsfield needs your point of view! 

 Please follow this link to our polls page where you will be able to cast your votes. Also please feel free to add your comments below should you prefer.       



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    I agree, we're really fortunate here in Beaconsfield to have some great shops and in general the public services are really pretty good. If you add one type of shop in our town what would it be?

    I've seen a couple of empty shops recently, like the old Beacon Bookshop for example - and I wonder what we might get there?

    By Mitchec6 at 22:42 on 09/03/12

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    I don't drive so am not really affected by lack of parking, but the public transport in and out of Beaconsfield is really good. I always find shopping in Beaconsfield a nice experience, it has what I consider a good mix of chains and independents, and of those there is something for everyone. My favourite shops are FunJunction and was Ginger Pop.

    By KellyY at 21:06 on 09/03/12

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